Thursday, 5 April 2012


If only a man or a woman be present on this universe,
What the work that either of the two can perform as a single individual,  
The life, the body, the voice, the wave, the sky, the water -
All will perhaps turn tasteless at the very beginning.

If only a man be present and drink more than what he can, 
By dipping in abundance of  fortune, as he has no fear to share,
He will sure feel the burden of being single one, and all speeches
Of the world will tear accounts of spring, feeling like an orphan's suspense.

If only a woman be present and drink more than that she can,
She will sure not require a transformation for creation in her body and mind,
To act like an originator of one source called love in birth,
And the world will not create shadows of the sea and the sky.

The gap is filled with body's essence by embracing love that is the source,
And in emptiness of sizzling gestures, love can convince both to measure the sky,
To form a horizon of intelligible sea in feeling of togetherness,
For growing desire, warm embrace, singing and dancing in love. 

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