Monday, 30 April 2012


Still learning the word, love,
What it shines in its meaning to me,

Is it sweet sequence?
Is it a gunshot to kill me?

I have dreams, one love,
My mind warned me to think about love.

I do not think much,
I jump in her bosom to feel love touch.

First she alerted me to have a look in her bio-data,
That she carries all time in her about page turn.

In that page she says:
She cannot dangle around a concord that is uncertain to suit her.

This vast significance does not attract me to notice,
As I am in her love, as I see, all symptoms caring things

Those are very close to feel, and make me awake
In the shadow of lovely pattern what I want in wake up call.

Love and world,
The two great kingdoms cannot be casual or put a sword

To break the link before it is created and posted on web page,
Sucking is one kind of sad things, instead of sweet boosting of love,

I leant it when I find, connecting or reconnecting is a wizard,
That makes me feel I eat the elephant star,

Sharing an imagination is like going to bed without vibrant glance,
Dancing without love and fun is more painful than what I express in turn.

I am still in her love,
Love is my single term.

And I am still learning the word, love,
Still searching its basics, beginning and ending.

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