Monday, 2 April 2012


Loveliest rose it is now, the flowering beauty,
In the garden when morning sunrays make it bath,
With ardent love, and it tells the earth to sing
The songs of love, there is silence and peace
To feel love, in the core of life for movement,
And ages and worships just turn to eternal
The red rose becomes gracious respect to life,
When we learn to adore it with care in time,
And we are blessed with the creation of God
We are thus living on the world of eternal
Approach of the red rose that comes to our descendants.

When water is moving in body with pain,
We are lying in bed for redresses and recovery of pains,
That our bodies suffer on our journey on long sail
We are dissolved with medicines with sleeping pills
To get rid of burns of the body of illness,
In hospital bed, then it becomes pleasant
When our loved one brings red rose with greetings
And stands beside the white bed, our pains are
Getting relieved, with medicine, and care,
We feel the wonder of love and courage
At the sight of the red rose on loved one’s and
And this flower keeps us in wisdom to live long,
Loved one gives us wishes of love, it saves beauty
That we learn from the red rose for life at the time.

When we walk in a greeting ceremony of love,
And we are willing to pour some love and wishes
Into the social creations and prosperous assignments,
We feel to bring a bouquet containing red roses,
And offer it with messages of God, written in cards,
That we are getting from our holy scriptures,
It is the life we are habits of learning with red rose,
And we offer all to the person we like to wish,
A way, the right one, brings some pleasure
To celebrate, at the time of birth and sweet breathing,
It  is with us full of fragrance of red rose, a divine love
Of the nature, and creator of love at all sources of origins.