Friday, 13 April 2012


Why I build my home,
Why I purchase furniture,
And decorate my home 
Why I move with love.

I feel love,
I love to feel someone's feeling 
For gladness, for resting cool 
In movements upon the ground
Walking on soft grasses, taking
Hand in hand of my loved one,
To rise up and to enjoy happiness,
Then comes necessity of relationship,
Necessity of worldly objects to occupy
The symbol of loving gifts, and 
It rises to acquire some daily life goods,
In the context of touching, breathing, seeing,
Those items which are favorite to loved one. 
An embrace, fingers grilled in lover's fingers,
Flooded with emotions, body curves intertwined,
And a show case of lovable objects to be used
For daily requirements, in peaceful presence
Of home, furniture, accountable to living standard,
Deliberately needed to express lover's love. 
And everyone will be listener of each other's songs,
Growing with eagerness for the need of 
Other partner's presence all time like breathing,
Thereby come no torment, no fear, no loss.
We learn how to dream with loved one, together.

And then I will move for looking upon
Mutual understanding, taking care of partner,
Inside home, sitting on a sofa, and these bring
Some colors, encouraged, some focus in eyes, 
Gift and dream, to  hang out with angels, 
Pride of  love, and fairy choices, spoken 
In love, necessity grows with food and shelter, 
For shake of love, and it is the loving wind
When we find our love is our great joy.

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