Friday, 13 April 2012


Why I build my home,
Why I purchase a car,
Why I move for love.

When I feel the love,
When I find my lover on move,
When I want to get something in between
Two thundering episodes, consumed in love,
The context will move and feel in my hands,
The tender touch does make me drip in swat sea,
And my loved one assures me to have wide embrace,
In between two hands and fingering grills,
With able bodied touching things,
And I will see symptom of flooding emotions,
Then we will be listeners, intertwined in curves,
Deliberately we need each other,
We feel no torments, no fear of loss,
Many, many things will come on our way,
We will learn to live in a dream,
Awakened when we feel the touch.

And then I will move for looking upon
My home, my car, my beloved heart,
A magical life, encouraged to push forward,
With delight and lively assemble of reality,
To live with, to feel with, and to sign with,
With fairy choices, protecting our love choices,
We will all learn to live in necessity, beauty and love.

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