Saturday, 28 April 2012


Love powers two minds,
Two minds think at one time,
One thinks, other rethinks,
One throbs, other vibrates.

We are at web page at distance,
I want to leave her a message,
Somehow I resisted in that
She might be engaged or annoyed.

Momentarily after comes holding,
One message telling me she is floating
And becoming vibrant to obey heart’s call,
I am astonished how to respond.

We are far, far away, never meet anywhere
We perhaps come under one shade
To feel, love has no distance barricade
Only the feeling that binds two minds.

I am astonished to see the message,
I just make correspondence to say her -
Love has an installation in mind and heart -
That makes wave like breathing.

Love has time lightening desire
To image both in dream and offering,
As if we are in the earth’s gravity
With heaven’s feeling within each other.

When we close our eyes,
We see the each other’s face and eyes,
That serves the way of loving,
Over passage through worldly stream, with sense of loving.

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