Tuesday, 3 April 2012


1. First Mother
She is our maid servant, comes daily
To help domestic works to my wife
And she plays a little with my grand son
Who is only three months’ old,
And she says, “I cannot get much time
To care for my little one when I become first mother,
Then I have to work for food, there is no system of
State dole or rations, and I have to work on others’ house
Day and night for livelihood, and I tied my little one
By a long cord tied to a bamboo pole so that the baby
Cannot go out of my sight, but the baby can play easily,
And I have to take the baby with me to my work place.
Then I was scared for motherhood, and take care of
The life that is shattered so heavily on poor path way,
So were my life and thus three sons grown up with me
And I am now happy even if they are now earning a little
To hold my hand with their little hands, and I am now in need
Of hard cash to buy my daily needs, and so I do work here.
Now there are many systems to care for poor mothers,
But we have no strong support  to empower
Financially for all poor mothers and we have to work
For livelihood till now.”

The life she describes is always everywhere in
Hard situation with confrontation with the life,
We are not accustomed to hold these life’s struggles,
Yet we have these swells, we perceive, and then move forward all the time.

2. Second Mother

She runs for her son’s breast feeding,
Only four months she is mother to nourish her child
She is a contractual worker of a government sponsored organization,
She is paid a little, not like payment of a permanent staff of the state,
Yet she has to live on the score of the little scores
That the state permits and thus she consoles her.
She will be able to feed her son to make her son
A successful man who can earn independently with full freedom,
Unlike hers, and she will struggle for stability of her son at any cost,
And when she gets time, she chases going into time to absolve in time
And returns home to feed his son with flowing milk
That her breasts checks to hold for long and feels pain by heart
For being detached from the baby’s touch and charm,
As motherhood, she has to live with this struggle.  

3. Third Mother
She runs for her son’s breast feeding
And she decides to stay at home for six months for her baby
Who is a new born, and she has scope that she gets from government, -
Two years as child caring leave, at spells,  for taking care of child.

There is no reason of considering whether other mothers
Have any scope to think of their babies too, hardly dared to think,
And Govt. has sanctioned her leave, and she has liberty to enjoy it in full,
She has big chamber where other mothers cannot enter, will not enter,  
And she will take on strong energy to grows up her little one 
To the age of six months, and then she will join work.

4. Fourth Mother
She is single mother, she has no confirmed job, she has no education,
She lives with her only son who is ten months old, and
She gives her breast feeding in every occasion when the baby cries,
And also gives solid food, when his father, who is her ex-husband,
Sends money every month for maintaining the kid only, and she is not lucky,
To have a little maintenance cost for her own, as the divorce suit is not settled,
And she has to work hard on a workshop for her livelihood.

She is waiting to get the maintenance cost of ex- husband’s son.
This month she is waiting, but money has not come,
She does not have other choices, and all she earned have been spent
To purchase baby foods, and she becomes angry with this situation,
She is not of that kind of woman
Who will put pressure to get money for the baby from her ex-husband,
And thus she cannot balance this month, and she decides
To go to the house of the baby’s father
To get the help that he is bound to pay every month for the kid only,
As there is no way for much waiting and she cannot burn herself more,
And she cannot meet both ends, it is a shock to her,
Tears come down heavily, and she cannot tolerate it,
She does not pull it off the score and she decides sure to move first
To go there to have some money urgently, but she cannot gather courage,
Instead worked overtime, she appears as a positive woman to squeeze self 
To earn more, but the overtime money is not enough, she is now in quandary.

5. The Motherhood and the World 

Sitting between the two worlds, one developed and other developing in nature,
We are all in search of the life of mothers, on the score of humanity, and
We are doing it, on our own, and cannot feel the real necessity where we live,
As the earth has resources that are used by intelligent people and some privileged ones,
And the expenditure with which we are moving like portrait and painting, nice but lifeless, 
We are running on the way where motherhood has no provisions for gentleness,
And that we gurgle only definitions on the world’s sawdust, and
We cannot be able to reach to the commons, keeping everything under glass, 
And engrave on it painting of our financial and environmental achievements till date,
We are only painters on motherhood, and carry the burden century after century.

All mothers do want her baby to be intelligent one to chew the earth’s resources.


  1. Humanity is in need of all mothers.
    http://leah-jamielynn.typepad.com/ where my poem is at.

  2. Yes, the mother is sacred and should be honored. It is sad that throughout the world she often struggles to provide for her children.

  3. As a single mother who had to work very hard to provide for a son, I really appreciated reading this. I've seen many who have no moral support and have no visible financial means of caring for their children, but somehow, someway, they always provide for them; even if they have to do without.
    That's what a mother does. Not because she's better than the next person, but because her heart has learned to love someone other than self. I'm blessed to have had such a woman as my mother.
    Very well done. Be blessed.