Monday, 9 April 2012


She appears before me
As if she has dipped in a colored pond,
And returns here direct from there with soaked clad.
All her sari soaked in red, green and yellow hue,
I am looking at her charms, eyes are galoring.
She looks like a heroin, it's a feminine joy,
Her long neck opens a beautiful figure,
Making essence of life of the world,
Lips are live with color-lines,
Breasts are pulsing with breathing,
Her heart beats audacity, creates a visual beauty,
Shoulders are soaked with colored water to be cared,
Below the line goes the blouse lace,
Open part of shoulders is the land of passion,
As if she is about to assume body of her loved one,
Full of glamour, standing like a queen before me,
And wants to be held and to be felt in her bosom, 
I am in mood of taking her as mine and I will remain
In debt that she holds for me for love and passion, 
As if she is coming with divinity from our land of Holi playing,
And she belongs to me, for both lover and loved one,
Looking like an angel who can fill heart with dream.

Her skin turns to hold more weight in colored form to sail for love,
I am at the breaking point, yet I gather strength to hold breath,
Not to leap in her colored light glowing, but to feel her heart’s soft power,
To feel and create abundance of love, charm of her beauty, steadily, 
To feel love in rising of watery path of sense and terms, and 
I want to know her in my delighted destination, in her exotic form.

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