Sunday, 1 April 2012


Little hands, tender little hands, touch me,
And life begins with little one’s tiding fists,
Through all windows of itinerary start,
The little life gives purge to build love in everyone,

It is soft feeling to touch, its cute looks,
Little eyes play in speedy moving eyeballs,
Over the world, in its playing time, morning or evening, 
Night passes through beautiful dreams, tuned.

With full energy the baby shines and plays in light,
No tiredness, but countless throwing of fists
To catch the air, in trial of catching the earth,
Enjoying life into the sun’s brightness.

He is genius in all moves, astonishing, energy is everything,
Across the mud, grass, water, air, light,  
We do gaze at him, he does gaze at us, smiling,  the difference is:
He can assure us of life and light, we wander across the earth.

He hears every sound, makes sounds in return, resonance of talks,
And he passes through many experiences and expressions,
He begins life in aspirations, we do not read, but we are charmed,
He holds all lights in his eyes to make us bright.

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