Saturday, 28 April 2012


First I think to give a new turn
On my life vision,
In the creative field,
I am new to meet imagination,
A sequence is made to feel the earth
In producing thread,
And then to assemble parts
To form the beauty of creation.

Sitting with keyboard
I type many words for a substance,
That I form in every part of body-form
To concede speech,
A thousand mile’s tour makes me
Volatile on engrossed pain,
Careful I am, yet not noble
In form and content, I feel the defeat.

The more I go on my sense of love,
The more I get fractions,
Fractures of sentiment give birth
To the some significance,
That I have not dreamt
In my love association in multiform,
It is symbol that I fail to read
The real life’s observation.

Ambition is good,
It is not to take as sure destination,
As life has some spots, and
Other powers do act on all sides,
And I have to remove the imbalance
That comes on random choices,
Life is short; attempts are limited,
Getting victory makes ambition.

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