Saturday, 21 April 2012


After the birth of first baby, she does not feel to stand
On the torturous mind of her husband, and wants a shelter,
And on her escape from him, she finds another person,
Who shares his shoulder to hold her love without conditions.

She was young and shares every roots of love in full signals,
Her second husband is kind and active in supporting her,
One day, she finds she is again unseen blossoms of love,
She feels to live alone as, to her, all males are forms of mutant couples.

Having by two husbands she has two babies by love,
She is single mom and lives with two infants to feed,
She does not feel difference to give breast feeding equally,
She feels as if she feeds twin babies with loving firmness of the earth.

With money she gets from husbands as maintenance
She agrees to live with freedom as reign of her stands,
She loves and cares babies to grow them up as able bodied persons,
She wants to show husbands the perseverance she can bear alone. 

As a warrior she is brave with love army to shoulder duty,
She can rely on her attempts for rising and shining single handed,
She is at parenting service that blooms like cosmic flowering,
She is entrusted mother to show the earth she is active loving order. 

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