Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Things can change
Words can change

You should ask yourself
What to change and
What to keep with.
Life is short, wits and temper
Are to be kept tuneful for living,
It is compact to create your appearance
In life and to touch mind of loving things,
It is a humble living.

Changing comes in a dream,
It comes in your thoughts,
Things of change take place
In your attempt for walking,
You can use words in your terms
To tell your loved one about your love,
You need something, that requires
Some striking words, like flying of birds.

Things can change,
Words can change,
You travel in the nature, and you always fight
With odd features by changing your beginning.   


  1. you are right. life s all about change.

    verification is very awkward. most people turn it off as a curtesy because it takes too much time, and often you have to do it over and over. you will get more comments if you turn off your verification.

    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Zongrik, for your loving and valued comments. I love it.