Thursday, 19 April 2012


Do you know your absence
Keeps me mortgaged in low mood?
I am looking for little girl’s image,
That you once created in my mind,
That has not vanished from my vision,
Thousand times worthy of singing,
I do not forget your first breathing, taking you in my arm.

Then I write an e-mail to you:


Once we have travelled in cycles,
Those are calls from distance, over phones,
We are in feeling with no bad feeding
With initiation we go in search of souls,
From points of beginning and position,
Excitement, like food and enrolment,
As if islands are getting close to fulfilment
As shifting of geo-plates inevitable in quacks,
And we are then connoisseurs of love
That goes on holding frays of shimmering.

You should know that I do not get the job
As I am not up to the mark as they need more,
I try to forget thrilled moments that you gave me,
I do not reserve our floating in night time,
Or from the place where we are sparkling with sensation.
Snatching of something is not my attempt for love,
I am unemployed since then.

I add again in my e-mail to you:

Now we are separate membrane,
Promoters and responses are getting dull,
With eyes and limbs getting down flame,
All light engages goes hiding revels,
We are clogged in raw sentiments
Dialing tones are not heard
As web page is not getting updated
So long we are on the different shores,
Distanced from romantic moments,
As if our house has no furniture to fill space.
The earth has the beauty to be remembered,
With the kitchen that brings cooked food,
Sentencing with love, it is like losing
The colored painting with white washes,
The steel door is broken for not maintaining it,
We are deeply offended in the questioning,
And essence of our love and acquaintance,
Gets fluent of neglect as if we are no where
In the stimulation, that is once our spontaneity.

You should have known that time of the past,
I only remember you are my vibrant blues,
I remember the dress you wear first in yellow hue,
When your mom does rebuke you to be at window,
To feel a man with sharing fingers,
Where begins the battle of loosing and gaining for partners
As I am vagabond on the way of sojourn,
My life is like pebbles, none to pick them up.
That time you are outspoken on me,
As a man of essence to feel your heart,
I feel no frustration when you are with me in the hood,  
When you come down heavily on my body,
With your sharp wits, the vehemence you trust,

I write another stanza of poem in my e-mail:

One day it is good to know love once admired
May have disastrous stepping
When we are not in touch with regular joys,
Where daunting travel gives link to cut the source
We have learnt it while sharing of love in pleasing form.

Love is worth, but it is waste to me,
I now feel your absence, a pain of losing sea bird
That was once of mine, in the murmur of love infinity, 
The life is form of my nostalgic reminiscence all the rest time.

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