Thursday, 12 April 2012


I may be wrong and others may be right,
If mangers of life cycles are sending out me,
I like to live in the shore of sanction allotted,
That emboldens me for live participation.

I like her photos that dwindle in web page,
Her many profile photos are sheltered in poems,
I put comments there, and liking of those words,
Makes me pleased like activity of propels. 

I like the river that has key role in life,
I like presentation and like its entry cycles,
It is a pattern of life’s significance of activity,
I move like water in the speeches of love’s domain.

I like controls; I like distribution, yet some feelings
Keep me awake over forwarding my sentiment
To the love’s acceptance, that is my desire, as
I am one of family waves, those are free, despite distance.  

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