Thursday, 12 April 2012


I may be wrong and the rest may be right,
If mangers of life throw everything out of my cycles,
I would like to live on mind's colors of strength
That emboldens me for taking participation.

I like her photos those are posted in web pages,
Her many profile photos are pasted in poems,
I write comments there, and press 'like' button, 
And I find me reinvented in doing so. 

I like the river that has no obsession for life,
It flows gently and creates life-cycles at its wits, 
Having a pattern of life’s significance of activity,
Can I move like water in all speeches of love and action?

I like everything to appear; no expectation from them, 
But some feelings keep me awake to be active at times, 
To forward my sentiment for love and accepting love,
Either from distance or from her close appearance. 

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