Saturday, 21 April 2012


I need not go to him
He behaves like God
And stays all time in my drawing room
He is now enjoying the TV program there.
Four days he has come here,
He works on his own.

You allowed him to stay in your house,
He is your friend and loves you too.
If you do not to go to him and make him easy,
You do not find love in him for you,
Age is not bar; he is younger than you,
He has perhaps some shyness to be with you,
Please go to him and ask him to help you
In house hold works,
This will make him feel good.

I am here in my room, chatting with you,
I am not false thinker of love,
I am waiting for his calls for my presence with him,
And I want to have a communication,
I cannot be shameless to call him in my bed room.

I think, he also thinks in the same way,
You just make him feel your presence,
Do not withhold your weakness of expression
And keep him awake that you are woman
Who cares for him, and you have values
To honor loved one, who is very near,
You are not unresponsive to his calls.
You have given him a passage to your house.
You have to share communication first with him.

There is no more way to make him awake,
He has to first communicate me with his peers,
The worldly duty that comes first to manhood
To know his lover and I am in my room, alone,
To feel his presence by me,
Better he has to walk up to me,
And see my eyes, and talks with me,
I will feel his warmth, and I can hear
Sound of his breathing before my eyes,
This will make me gentle to melt down in his arm.

Yes, I am saying that, dear friend,
Remove your fear or shyness, and
Go forward to his sitting place, and
Sit by him, and talk with him,
Gradually he will feel your presence
He will walk close to you to feel you,
And the earth will make you both
Communicate each other for love.
Closeness gives birth of desires,
And you will see the earth is beautiful.

May be you are right,
I am feeling tired now, it is dead of night,
I am going out now, bye.

She switched off the computer.  

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