Sunday, 15 April 2012


She makes a courtesy visit,
She is not in a mood of accepting 
Sensuous shakes in body and mind,
Here she is like flowing water
Down to the sea, touching earth.
And wants to be one visitor,
For someone, once her beloved one. 
The body does not attract her,
She just wants to speak
With him, as if he is a neighbor.
She just talks with him,
And disappear again. 
As melting with passion is like
Pushing the body out of hemisphere,
Whereas paying a visit speaks
Some linking to sequence of knowing
The truth of love and formal focus
Towards recognition of life
Growing with goodness for linstening
To voice of loved one. 

What she has done with her past visits,
Those days she just came and melted
Into one body with his feeling,
Dragging into embroils of love,
With concentration and 
Belly joints inside hooks of 
Searches and whispers in passion, 
Nothing goes gray,
Only wheeling to very way of love,
To have dragon satisfaction, 
Feeling running down fingers,
Skins, blood, heart and a rocket dream, 
With some protein secretion,
To have a real love partner. 

Those visits were different from
Today's visit, it has a normal role,
Here lies initiation for
Greater significance, because
Life is nothing but voyage of
Rampant rejection, to settle right one. 
Or it may be new one visit
To say goodbye to her abandoned lover. 

She is habituated in holding such two visits,
One is courtesy visit and other is love visit,
One has good wishes and other has touching recognition,
And every visit gives her soothing reins,
Pacified by power of new forms of love. 

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