Sunday, 15 April 2012


She makes a courtesy visit,
She is not in mood of accepting senses,
Here she is like flowing water
To touch the earth,
And wants to be one, who is only visitor,
For someone who is once her favorite one,
The gentleness does not attract her,
Only this symptom is like living
With neighborhood, not to giggle,
As this payment is a draught of passion,
Yet she wants to visit this sequence
As this visit have some charms,
She cannot deny it,
She finds here a recognition,
She feels it meditation, and
She makes this visit for goodness growing.

What she is doing in other distant visit,
That will be different from her first one,
This visit has a critical role,
Here lies concentration and initiation,
She earns more significance,
She finds a rocket dream,
In manners and functions,
Spreading gains and feeling hard in fingers,
That she wants for feeling like wave of river,
Holding tight in leading interaction,
She gets experience tense
On dragon satisfaction,
She chooses to be here for long
In the bosom of love sensation,
She prefers it to be here
And this visit has reed temptation,
With some protein secretion,
Here she finds a real love partner.

She is habituated in two visits,
One is courtesy visit and other is love visit,
One has good wishes and other has touching recognition,
And every visit gives her soothing reins,
Pacified by power of new forms of love. 

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