Tuesday, 24 April 2012


First woman 

She comes out from her mud house, wearing a sari,
That she drapes around her body, so carelessly that
It seems she is only taking her commands to cover
Body charms friendly with sari, just to make her
Modest to the public, no sharp line can be seen, only divine.
It is her simple gesture, it is earthly entity and it is airy,
Sari waits nothing, just makes her gracious,
Her walking is normal, with no slippers on her feet.
She goes near a well,
She draws water by a bucket from the well,
And fills one little drum with water, and then
Carries it, goes near the cows those are tied with cord
Around bamboo pole, in the courtyard,
She pours all water through a long cemented tunnel container,
That is build to hold water for drinking for cattle,
Those, in turn, dip their mouths to drink water,
Her mud house is covered with trees,
Under shadows to keep the house cool
When the summer sun burns all around.
The lady is filled with maternal instinct here
And keeps cattle on her control and service,
She is happy in this work; it is her routine morning work,
She is a woman with essence in life for love, carrying working reflection.

Second woman

All call her Diva for her success in her debut social performance,
Sitting before camera, she is a beauty paragon, looking bright,
With her body as emblazoned with passion, sweet with looks,
As she is an emblem for following her with many angles, drawn arts,
Her movements draw cheers from her fans, which throng around,
Where she goes with media circles, she has fans alongside individual camera flashes.
With crowd delighted chanting in her praise, her smiling floods all around.  
She is a Diva, a woman with essence for love and success, she earns this position, 
She wears baggy clothes with designer art work showing examples,
Fashion orients drawn, again she begins with fashion syndrome,
With 4 inches high heel shoes, she is comfortable for her best walking,
She is woman of strength that pours her beauty as if landing from heaven,
In pictures, she is visible with woman strength with life and love.


  1. what an amazing characterisation of two very different but similare women .. a true insight if ever.. which would i be .. both if i could .. lol .. brilliant again asim

  2. Thanks dear friend, Anita, for your beautiful and sweet comments

  3. OLIVER PLAICE9 May 2012 at 06:26

    There are two characters in your wonderful piece of poetry, both different in many ways. The first piece, she is a woman of the fields of working and shows no womanly features as this is how she was brought up I assume. Her sole role is to work within the fields and tend to the cows. You show the reader an indepth charater indeed of this person.
    The second woman quite different is indeed a diva and draws all the attention she needs from the cheering crouds who adore her. her beauty is fasinating to those who see her. She is all woman and she shows it to all who cares to look.
    your poem draws the reader into the piece, it flows well is concise and has that distinctive power to be a most compelling piece of writing. And a great piece of poetry.


    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, creator of the poetry site, Oliverplace, for a beautiful comments on my poem.