Wednesday, 11 April 2012


She took out his pen with her slim fingers,
She took out all printed forms with her left hand,
And put his name in the right box of the form,
And she wanted him to be eligible for higher education,
She did not want him to be late for submission of
The form, and she tries to be very accurate in her works.

The boy got up from his chair and went to coffee counter,
And took two cups of coffee and two butter sandwiches,
The girl could not wait; she got up swiftly to hold him,
The boy was little short in leg, that might cause him fall,
He did not object, only made a gesture of praising her,
And he gave one cup of coffee to his girl friend, and

Happily they moved towards chairs, and he patted on her 
Shoulders, as gratitude for her helping and trust-wordy mind,
It was closeness for love, both are counseling each other, 
As the life they pertain is full of boldness, and cast devotion, 
They express how vast is their terms of love.
And how it is to think they are partners before they could realize.

She was with him since he paved the way of struggling, 
A situation of forbearance on the totality of life's span,
She had made him quiet as she supports him all time, 
And they would perform the act of togetherness, mutual dealing, 
She lets him think she is not from wonder land, but from the world,
Where belief, trust, faith and touches of love supports him all time. 

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