Wednesday, 11 April 2012


She took out his pen with her tender fingers,
She took out his printed form with her left hand,
And put his name in the right box of the form,
As if she wanted him to be right for higher education,
She did not want him to be slow in filling in
The form, and with very accuracy she did it sharply.

The boy got up from his chair and went to coffee counter,
And took two cups of coffee and two butter sandwiches,
The girl could not wait; she got up swiftly to hold him,
The boy was little short in leg, that might cause him fall,
He did not object, only made a gesture of praising her,
And he gave one cup of coffee to his girl friend, and

Happily they moved to chairs, and he patted on her 
Shoulders, as gratitude to her helping and trusting mind,
It was greater closeness to love, both counseling each other, 
As the life they show the boldness, and sweet devotion, 
That called an unbreakable terms of love.
Thinking they are partners before they could realize it.

She was with him since he learnt the way to struggle
With his handicapped situation of forbearance,
She had made him quiet as she turned life breather to support,
And they would perform it on their lives coming in future.
When it was time for helping she was ardent to her duty,
That touched with eagerness and fearless support for love.

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