Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The name is a word in recital,
It is an embodiment, it is a speech,
To utter through our vocal cord,
We call someone or place or something,
In the microphone on the stage.
The name is like an island,
It can be explored.
On the computer screen, it can be written
In black and white color, or
In color bands on glossiness,
We design it in meaningful wholeness.                                                            

The name gets a form
That holds great photographic character,
We mean something with its form,
Digital breed makes it a charm,
When it is exposed to x-ray chart,
It is spectacular regions of love,
Inner or outer space of its form
Gives emotions when vessels run triumph,
Over optimistic stretches on our way,
In form, an existent explanation it does hold.


  1. wow amazing asim .. words to describe it .. "breathtaking" .. "spellbinding" .. "magnificent weaving of the words" .. "true talent"

    1. Thanks dear friend, Anita, for your valuable comments.