Tuesday, 24 April 2012


First dream

I do not go to my counseling class
Medicine does not work,
My performance does work.

Second dream

I am quarrelling with my lover
Last time I did not,
Love is fine if I find diligence.

Third dream

I am moving like ocean’s wave,
I do not like standing on lake,
I do perform like fucking muscles.

Fourth dream

I am talking with someone
Who is at my talking distance,
As if I rehearse to guess all time.

Fifth dream

I am walking like glass dolls,
My counselor has shortened my voice
I want my voice returned.

Sixth dream

While walking I am kicking something,
My walking draws attention of passers-by
It brings stunt syndrome.

Seventh dream

I am moving through a tunnel,
In and out, it turns, it burns,
It is watered, protein saturation.  

Eight dream

I am walking on a shore,
If I like to purchase a new one,
I do not have scope.

Ninth dream

I sprung up from a sound,
I want to know that emancipation,
It has stirred my sensation.

Tenth dream

I am in a transition,
I want to change all bullshits,
I will belong to and dissolve in my existence.


  1. what a unique poem .. never come across one like this and really liked it .. its nice to find someting unpredictable and see where it takes you .. absolutely brilliant format ..

    1. Thanks dear friend, Anita, I am happy with your beautiful comments. I love it.

  2. Beautifully done Asim, love it :)

  3. Thanks to dear poet friend, Marinela Reka, author and creator of
    Short Poems – for your valuable comments.