Saturday, 7 April 2012


“Love, more love” she says to someone,
She is pretty one when she appears in open sky, 
And everything turns to be an irony,  
When her bedroom turns chocked with grasping,  
Her sneering on her husband’s hideousness,
That keeps her in pain, not being able to feel
Joy in his desert look at her, his distaste of loving sense.

He makes an order by telling her:
-“We will go to a marriage party,
Please, wear golden ornaments to attend the function.”
She fears, as he never says so violently like this, 
As something going to happen coming from heaven, 
All of those which are now falling like summons 
His obsession with gold is not trustworthy, as,
All valuables, the least savings from her parents,
May get some flared up in anger of his greed, 
She wants peace, no dispute she wants to inflict.

She has to believe him, as he is her husband, 
She brings all her ornament and shows him.
And wears them all to please her husband
To make everything settled in affirmation of trust,
Without complicity, she has to obey, not to debate.
As if she lent herself to his openness from heart, 
Of love to yield love in all gestures of love. 

When occasion is over, she does not find her husband,
And she has not to wait to search out all things around.
And she detects her ornaments are missing,
Her husband never comes around to see her,
As if she is sitting in a queen’s throne without flowers,
She has only tears to share with all on this earth.

In the wake of love, she sinks into abysmal dark roots,
She stands before her parents, who are her rescuers,
Living in silence, with only one son, the only consolation.
She sees only hostile glassy emptiness itched,
By an absconder husband, it is mercy of God, her loneliness,
Being it only response to her love, something more than reward.

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  1. COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK ON 07.04.2012 BY Anita Ryan Consgrave:
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    Anita Ryan Cosgrave wow asim what a powerful journey reading this one .. very sad .. you really got the emotion of the abandoned wife across so well .. you are truly emphatic and a great weaver of words to be able to do that .. loved it
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    Asim Kumar Paul I copy your comments and put it in poetry comments, Thanks dear Anita Ryan Cosgrave
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    Anita Ryan Cosgrave glad you do that asim .. have to set up an account on that site to post there .. will get around to it .. lol .. in the mean time keep your wonderful words flowing ..
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