Thursday, 19 April 2012


She has everything,
Husband, a son, a daughter-in-law, a grand baby son,
She feels she is locked inside,
She works with them, as if she is one of them,
She keeps her cheerful, smiling on every occasion,
The fake strokes she makes with hard labor all time.

She sleeps in a small room,
She leaves her bed room for her husband,
She gives the second bed room to her son,
She assists everyone, no tiredness she feels at work.
She shed no tears even if there is quarrel with her hubby.
She does not complain anything on her life and feeling.

She is happy on her long journey with all,
All villagers are with her side for her sweet charms
As she carries morning freshness in her walking,
As if she is the beauty of knowledge and mystique,
Effervescence fills all around her she talks, shares good feelings,
The neighboring observers think and feel her kindness.

Most of the time she takes much care of her grandson,
Whose little limbs, half spoken words, broken sounds,
All movements keep her awake and she feels the essence,
With love, care, along with her childhood memories, it is divine.
Long time, she cares for baby’s work, when his
Parents go for work, and her husband does not help her.

One day her son tells that he will stay in other house,
She looks at her son’s face,
And then looks at the face of daughter-in-law,
Long time she finds no response, and she feels angry desert,
Gently she reads the fate, tells her mind, in broken sigh:
“My husband does not love me; my son does not love me,
I have to live alone, sacrifice the little one whom I love and trust most.”

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