Wednesday, 4 April 2012


She has a hero in mind; she binds nothing in love,
She dwells on practical way of understanding,
As a friend, as a fellow contender of dreaming,
And she believes what she hears from him,
She is like an ornament to the feeling of love,
That she can provide to the focus and activity,
And the hero understands everything that
He expresses to her for a good friendship in reality,
As the web page knowing has some difficulty,
As something is hiding for getting evidential basics and controls.

One day she expresses about her parents
Who, being separated, live with their respective new partners,
The hero becomes astonished to feel the reality,
And he then moves on something novelty,
That she has to earn more to meet him, as
The distance is a factor and travelling cost is high,
He does not have time to come down to her once,
And for this he has to leave his business camp behind,
Better will be a donation is to be made to meet him, a condition.
The mystery is something like preconditioned love,
Where love has only monetary claims, she understands.
She feels the repression that goes forth with her new hero,
And one day this activity will eat away her sweet heart,
And she then will be in random world of choices,
She does not want to have with and live with, as
The loving world and familial world may turn in two different aspects,
Those terms both have to understand while living in togetherness.

She decides to put her mind in family business,
To gather some more money to have a chance to meet
The hero whom she loves and this meeting will be final
In tracing the forward steps in clearing the odds out from love scores.

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