Wednesday, 4 April 2012


She loves a hero of her choice; no appropriation in love,
As much as depending on practical way of understanding,
As a friend, as a fellow contender of dreaming,
And she trusts every word what she hears from him,
She portrays herself an ornament in the act of feeling love,
That she can provide to be the focus in her activity,
And the hero can easily understand every purpose she dares
To express what she wants and what she does not want.
So that he can respond to the rainbow she bears and shares. 
But web page has some constraints of knowing the reality. 
As something is hiding behind every move basically out of control. 

One day she expresses messy things about her parents,
They are separated, and live with respective new partners. 
The hero takes it as granted as it is disappointment,
Not residing beside truth and reality of the situation,  
Differently understanding of whole of the parabolic path.
And he then moves on to do something novelty,
And calls her to meet to resolve ground of all confusion. 
That she has to earn more money for travelling, to meet him, as
Distance is a great factor and cost of travelling is high,
He does not have time to come down to her place for once,
And for this he has to leave his business camp behind,
Better will it be a donation of money he gives her to 
Come down to him, and meet him, sparingly a condition.
The mystery is to beg to a man who is stridently a hammer 
That breaks rocks, nails one heart, not inflicting injury to himself.
And she cannot match it, something like preconditioned love,
Where love has only monetary values, she understands.
She feels repressed that she feels to be vulnerable to the man.
And one day such activity will eat away her loving heart,
And she then will be a pebble in random world of choices,
She does not want to be exacting spare parts to be abandoned, as
The loving world and familial world may be divided in two different parts,
And that is not to be expected in any way while living together. 

She decides to put her mind in her family business,
To gather some more money to have a chance to travel to his place
And to meet her hero whom she loves, and this meeting will be final
In tracing the forward steps in clearing the odds out from loving scores.

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