Tuesday, 17 April 2012


All hearts are waves of love that is sweetest part of delight.
With birth, every heart creates own world, stream of offering something, 
Appearing and clearing way of raft for imagination, hope and dream,
Breathing with happiness, to feel warmth of love, driving inward to heart. 

Marriage hoisted for printing an agreement on laws of society
Bonding with familial space, and responsibility brings respect, considering
Each partner's trust, that is whole assembly of caress, bearing exploration,
Obliged to obey manners, unwritten codes, and understanding.

Love is an eternal entity, heart, mind, soul, spirit. 
Love is mind's persuasion, feeling with others, upon this universe,
Lines of control is not evident, and love can create causes of sorrow or happiness,
As existence and merriment are two worldly affairs to rule over intimacy. 

Where love is an unconditional blossoming in mind and heart,
There comes initiation to know the nearest one to feed the blood,
Or to know the blood's relation to distribute feeling upon this earth,
In deepest form of knowing oneself in relationship of another one. 

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