Tuesday, 17 April 2012


All hearts are filled with love, sweetest part at the delight,
When life  blooms through birth , and the sea becomes a stream of offering,
According to feeling of love we are divine in hope and dream,
Mind gets happy warmth of love, an enigma long tuned.

Marriage comes in terms of our forms and laws of trust,
Bonding with familial space and responsibility bring world of regards, judging
Each partner, that is whole assembly of coercion, bearing bounds,
With those parts we are obliged to obey in rich manners and understanding, alongside.

Love can cast things for the  spheres of united zone of spirit eternally,
In the time of  persuading  minds to share enjoyment for self and the universe,
Lines of control are united, and love can create cause of sorrow,
As the worldly life has more rules accorded for existence and merriment,

Where love is in terms of seeking unconditional breathing,
The earth now feels it to distribute and redistribute initiation of love
Of more effervescence when time and change make it steadfast,
Upon the strange contract that is warmth of web phase weather.

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