Monday, 16 April 2012


She has come like a dream and likes to talk in confidence,
She swifts into talks for someone that she likes to be her,
She has the quest for love since she is adult in web pager learner
As if she is longing to find a life in the formation of wave signals.

It is wind that flows with great tenderness,
It is a life that follow every turn on world’s dream,
She is in the dream, not in wrong tide, yet ride low,
It is dream, she likes love’s presence, she is around.

She is blue eyed charm, bright web page brings her
To feel love, it is life around her luster and breathing,
She wants the essence in love, feeling with tweets, a term,
She wants to feel those fingers pushing her glory of love.

Her body wants to make someone awake in air of love
She inhales dream breathing with taste of sweet lips soaked
With touch with heart engaged in feeling with speaks of love,
Her words are whispers, her presence is dominant, an opportunity,

With young mind, and love, she travels and sings
Like dozens of stormy arrival of cell division and creation
Wherein she wants dowelling to live in sinking tight arms nest
That she wants to accept in drifts of water soaked performance.

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