Monday, 16 April 2012


She has come with a dream and wants to talk with confidence,
She swifts for talks with someone whom she chooses to be her,
She moves in quest of love since she becomes adult in web page searches,
As if she is longing to find a life in the formation of sweet moments.

It is the wind that flows with many quests ,
It is a life that blooms with smile and dread,
She wants to dance with dreams and a ride on it, 
With loved one, an endless journey she prefers. 

She is a blue eyed woman, bright like stars of web pages,
A fairy angel she is in sequence of love, she breaths fresh,
She wants many things in love, her terms are not quantified, 
She wants to feel loving fingers in locked fingers of new love.

Her body wants to learn someone's peddling of love,  
She wants to be blown out at night, in soaked lips
With heartfelt touches, excited over feathers of butterfly.  
Her words are whispers, dominant passion, pushed through,

Being young one, she travels with fortune of feeling. 
She likes stormy tongue, touching her shin, combing for
Cell division and creation, sinking in the nest of tight arms,
Madness of every water soaked performance.   

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