Sunday, 29 April 2012


When she comes in my page, uncertain,
When she comes, she becomes captain,
Gives me advice, sends wishes, goes out,
She is alone, my distance friend, never meet.

One day she comes and says, “Hello!”
I simply say, “Hi, how are you, dear?”
She momentarily replies, “I want more words,
Your words are my soothing corner.”

I am amazed how sweetly she expands,
Bright signs of winning a lady heart
I am feeling crowned by a woman single heart.
Distance is no bar; it is amazing and wide surge.

“I am passing my days, dear,
And you are struggling with your life alone there.”
It is my simple answer, she replies prudently,
“You are not in a cage, dear, you are free.”

We are at distance, yet we are among birds,
Among trees, among society, yet as solo performers,
She slowly says, “Yes dear, I am doing hard work
To get both ends meet for existence for money.”

And all these words are my assets to remember
As we are all living alone on sandy bank of river,
And our hours are spent worshiping the silence,
Very little words we can share in the temple of love.


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    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Sithmini Aluthge for your beautiful comments.