Thursday, 26 April 2012


One night she just came in my talks, as a friend,
As if she just returned from her travel from woods,
She was cool, with some questions to ask me,
That I noticed in her words that ciphers a code
“I am tired and want to take rest, all are dirty here.”
I remember she was so saying even if I put confidence.

The syllables of her talks were cool yet vigorous,
It seemed she was reading a book of adventure,
That contained life, fire, clung senses emblazoned
That she had just past over as woods were in fire.
I then kept me questioning what she felt so hard,
She just said in tune of affection, “My mind walked away.”

This changed my mood, and I said, “Forget the childish play.”
I told it in my sympathy, as she was missing something,
For the wrong journey that she took part innocently,
She then replied in cool voice, “Mind cannot borrow love.
I just moved in a search what the flock finds in this earth.”
Then she stayed in silence as if she was thinking in a shell.

I did wait for her, as I was wonder as she was really had love,
And I said very gently, “Do not think much, all will be OK.”
She just made another reply, “I walked a long way,
To have a paddle on a love domain, now it is empty, I return.
My mind had gone frustrated as life cannot obtain everything.”
I remained silent as if I was dissolved in flowing of her feeling.

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