Monday, 23 April 2012


What she says is shocking to me,
It is not mystery, it is not simple,
She says she is mother and grandmother, too,
She is fortune to the family,
Yet she is ignored, as she is old woman,
And she is ignored in the family burdens,
Those she carries with happy smiles,
And she does not ignore any duty,
Even if she is unable to perform it,
She does it, in the pattern of life,
The ignorance comes from his son,
The ignorance comes from her daughter-in-law,
Who is great contender of her deeds,
And she tries to discard works of mother-in-law.

The new grandmother who is architect of her house,
Feels the heat when his son does not pay any heed
To the questions and motivation that his mother takes,
For the benefit of the family, and then
He quarrels with mother
And his mother is silent crusader of her deeds,
His son was not so earlier as he is now behaving with her.
She thinks, his son has been purchased by wife,
Who plays a great role to make things critical,
And always thinks about life of same pattern
That she had enjoyed in her parent’s house,
This new bride has no sympathy to this family.

The grandmother thinks her mirror is depicting
The image that is reverted by the wishes of God,
And she has to shed tears till she is alive in this family.

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