Monday, 27 August 2012


In love pertaining in heaven
Sharing on the earth.

Eyes staring
Love makes sequences inside
The heart on screen beginning.

One dark night
Eyes make family life,
On familiar pain.

Morning follows morning,
Birds silent, river flows,
Eyes filled with tears.

Promising eyes,
Tears fill the heart with
Source being sinking.

Eyes are visions,
Mirrors are opponents,
Middle age darkening.

Eyes want to go out,
Decisive moments flow chart,
On the love’s threshold.

Eyes are painting,
Perception argues with reality,
We are bound in limitations.

Eyes are ignored
Accurate colorful melting turns greens
Porous is cloud.

Eyes see family life,
Eyelashes brim over spilt objects,
Normal population emboweled.

Eyes are donated
Money becomes source getting it,
Golden leaves flicker.

Soaked eyes,
Want to see forward,
Life line is split appearance.

Eyes of one person
Cannot be of another person,
Body and mind moving automatic,

Life is solid burnt sienna,
Eyes coordinate with life,
Looking alone is nature’s bind.

Monday, 20 August 2012


She is in her little mood
To dance in green world,
In her precious cute greatness,
That the earth fills her mind
With perception that
The lady in childhood does
Think and smile with
Gleaming of glaring eyes,
In parental guidance,
That is her best place
To growing up in her appearance
Upon this world, divine and calm. 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sketchbook & Asim Kumar Paul, India: Free Verse: Living in Peace; Simply We Are in one Society


"From: John Daleiden for Sketchbook
To: Asim Kumar Paul, India

Hello  Asim Kumar Paul,

Asim, Sketchbook has received your poem for the Let Us Pray Feature in the 31 August 2012 issue; thank you.

Titles: Asim Kumar Paul, India: Free Verse: Living in Peace; Simply We Are in one Society 


We hope that you will pass this link on to friends who will join us; The more people who participate and read the more our hearts will become one. Surely, a heart that envelops the world can make changes and differences in lives.

We can make a difference and wipe away all the divisions that have arisen because of different belief systems. Let us all love and respect one another in one accord.

Our home page is available at this link:

Thank you for considering Sketchbook for the publication of your work.

John Daleiden,  for Sketchbook.
Karina Klesko, for Sketchbook.
jd / kk Klesko/Director
Karina Klesko, Senior Editor
John Daleiden, Editor/Webmaster"

My Let Us Pray Poem can be reviewed at this link:

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Walking on the living platform,
I feel like a dry leaf with lovely background,
Easiest way is not for my living, not like the way
Of flowers those are simply clinging with beauty.

Many times, I see the flowers on the roadside,
With expectation; but for me, price of life is turning white
With turbulence, and all songs of life mean nothing,
Money turns as scarcity, as if money is head of all holdings.

The flower still blooms as it is origin of life,
Bones and marrow are not removed, earth operates the nature,
Unending with scope of love and caring.
I find me as an unspeakable object of the white esteem.

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmik, Kolkata 


The great curiosity,
His eyes blazing in searching image,
Of life ahead, daring in quest,
It is gracious to his peers,
With one hand to hold offering
We intend to give him rejoice,
For healthy and happy life,
That he deserves to have on this earth,
We are bound to give him everything good. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Olympic 2012
Summer Sport Emoticon Pack,
Flash of blues.

Olympic 2012
They swim for gold medals,
In waters, flash of blues.

Olympic 2012
She moves in freestyle swimming
In flash of blues.

The ocean paints,
The earth sparkles in
Flash of blues.

The sky paints,
The time and the sun are hosts
In flash of blues.

The painter paints,
He uses ice, light, the need
In flash of blues.

With flash of blues,
She holds flowers to offer
Her promising man. 

Friday, 10 August 2012


Two partners are in colors,
They are in bubbles of blooming around,
Making the nature beautiful,
The message from them:
To tell the world they are in love, wishes of love.
They are worth to the hymn of lovely love,
They are beautiful between  
The earth and the universe.

She says, “We are born in bush.”
He says, “We are spaces of the heart.”
She says again, “One day we will be
Dried out, even if we do want to be fine.”
He replies, “By definition, we are
The occupants of love, and similarly
By definition we are born to die.”

“Shh! Do not say these more,” she says,
“Let the earth to appear in its full bloom.”

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Beautiful things,
Moving in spirit of dream,
Are needful to loving persons,
As if window gives entry
To the vision of flower,
Whose beauty is true,
In real belongings, and in dream, too,
And love is like wakeful singing,
Into mind, and kissing is a term of living,
And it takes time to know love.

If something is slipping away,
It is the mind that swings in vision,
And a look into flowering appearance
Will bring beauty of love,
Every touch will bring peace,
Over body and mind,
And everyone will learn,
Love is an essence, and
Nothing is missing in its presence. 

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmick, Kolkata 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


The evening that comes in the village fold,
The figures in the dark contour,
That holds heaven of dancing tour,
And resolute in merriment of twilight,
To cross the bridge of day and night,
Villagers are on the threshold to make tide,
Dancing and turning over and again,
Each one stepping in merriment of the beating,
And some onlookers are gilded in joy,
And welcome the dance, ripening color
Of the fire that lights night across the sky,
The evening forgets dark seas,
And mingles into dancing delight. 

Note: THIS POEM FIRST POSTED IN LINKEDIN.COM ON 07.08.2012 AT Creative Outlet Ventures in a discussion of my poem, ON BEATING OF DRUMS, published in my blog at

 Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmik, Kolkata 

Monday, 6 August 2012


Image of the Mars, enigmatic designing,
NASA’s Curiosity rover is on guest riding,
To find life with water and carbon bonding,
A hope to bloom in crust-finding. 


Red beauty on the array,
Palash blooms freshly around,
In flowing of summer wind. 

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmik, Kolkata 

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hand in hand
Every one moves in concord
On beating of drums.

Summer evening,
Kerosene lamp lights signaling,
On beating of drums.

Dancing womenfolk,
Stepping play a noble rhythm
On beating of drums. 

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmik, Kolkata. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Short Story Slam Week 24: Life Behind The Corners of Your Smiles!: WINTER

Photo #1: Winter

Whispering in ears,
Winter-speech of the seasons, sweet and harmony,
That will bring singing.

Both enjoying details,
Sitting on ice flowing, glittering white clustering,
Spectacle of designs.

They sit in coats,
Falling snow makes beauty sermon,
Winter captures loving dawn.