Wednesday, 1 August 2012

MY TWO POEMS AT Sketchbook May / June 2012: Her Brown Shadow & Her Pink Shadow



A Journal for Eastern & Western Short Forms

Free Verse

Her Brown Shadow


Her Pink Shadow
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    Discussion: My two poems at Sketchbook: Free Verse Her Brown Shadow & Her Pink Shadow. Please read and comment:
    Poetry is so personal, I begin to believe none should offer comment, ie. assessment of the piece, but only perhaps, if at all, an equally personal response from within oneself.

    These invoke in me vague reminiscences of girls & women known long ago but relating 'Her' to HTML & JAVA bemused me. I am not poetically imaginative.

    Also I was jarred by the words 'chattered' & 'dept' - unfamiliar, incomprehensible; unless (unforgivable horror) they were errors, not noticed before publishing ... Many of us have done so, but it is no less dreadful an error in a writer.
    Posted by Arthur Duncan.