Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Beautiful things,
Moving in spirit of dream,
Are needful to loving persons,
As if window gives entry
To the vision of flower,
Whose beauty is true,
In real belongings, and in dream, too,
And love is like wakeful singing,
Into mind, and kissing is a term of living,
And it takes time to know love.

If something is slipping away,
It is the mind that swings in vision,
And a look into flowering appearance
Will bring beauty of love,
Every touch will bring peace,
Over body and mind,
And everyone will learn,
Love is an essence, and
Nothing is missing in its presence. 

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmick, Kolkata 


  1. So truly spoken Brother Asim, your words still flow like the sweet river of life!