Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hand in hand
Every one moves in concord
On beating of drums.

Summer evening,
Kerosene lamp lights signaling,
On beating of drums.

Dancing womenfolk,
Stepping play a noble rhythm
On beating of drums. 

Picture Credit: Malabika Bhowmik, Kolkata. 


  1. Rhythmic flow bouncing before us all in celebration; a great time of gathering together offerings of belonging.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely works with us friend. Blessings, Leela

    1. I feel happy with your nice comments. Thanks to poet and friend, Leela Alvarez.

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    Ilana Haley • FIERY OPALS

    I dreamed about a more beautiful world
    I was there - with everyone that I loved near me

    I dreamed about a more beautiful world
    Fire opals glow blood

    Red opalescent sunset red
    Sunrise in space burning above

    Beyond into throbbing beating
    Spirits longing.

    I was there -
    I loved, I dreamed

    Fiery opals reflected evanescent
    Memories, anguished times, times of joy

    Joyous laughter, singing
    Burning, burning, burning

    Arise, my friend, encircle into
    Within hope of our hearts desire

    Rimmed in golden pearled innocence
    You dream, I dream, we dream

    Enmeshed in dance of opal fire
    Wine misted, we dance we embrace.
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    Posted by
    Ilana Haley
    a published author for prose and poertry.
    Chicago, Illinois Writing and Editing
    The Roky Hill (poems and stories) at Ilana Haley
    Ilana Haley at "The Rocky Hill"
    ASIM KUMAR PAUL • A beautiful poem. I love it. Thanks to Ilana Haley.
    35 minutes ago


    The evening that comes in the village fold,
    The figures in the dark contour,
    That holds heaven of dancing tour,
    And resolute in merriment of twilight,
    To cross the bridge of day and night,
    Villagers are on the threshold to make tide,
    Dancing and turning over and again,
    Each one holding merriment in the beating,
    And some onlookers are gilded in joy,
    And welcome the dance, ripening color
    Of the fire that lights night across the sky,
    The evening forgets dark seas,
    And mingles into dancing delight.
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    Ilana Haley • ...The rest of that evening
    (A poem from The Rocky Hill. Story (“Give us a kiss)

    ...The rest of that evening was peaches and cream,
    Dimmed lights and pink champagne
    Poisoned with dreams.
    Grey snails on a blood-red platter,
    Slippery and slimy as the gutter.
    Murmurs wafting in the smoke-filled-air;
    Memories of love lurking everywhere.
    Shadows - like touches -
    Words filled with lies and ashes.
    Hollow shadows grinning wide
    Like jackals on a starlit night.
    Time is bewitched.
    I am glowing, I am flying, but
    Between us a wall of fog is lying.
    I am hateful and my body tears.
    Flutter of lips in the dark
    Like the flutter of moths’ wings.
    From a black man like lava
    From a dark mountain
    Irrupt love songs that
    Even God has forgotten...

    A scorching heat, a whisper,
    “Are you with me,my love?"
    And I know, again
    The time has
    Come to part
    And a stony silence
    Fills my heart.
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    Above posted by Ilana Haley

    Beautiful things,
    Moving in spirit of dream,
    Are needful to loving persons,
    As if window gives entry
    To the vision of flower,
    Whose beauty is true,
    In real belongings, and in dream, too,
    And love is like wakeful singing,
    Into mind, and kissing is a term of living,
    And it takes time to know love.

    If something is slipping away,
    It is the mind that swings in vision,
    And a look into flowering appearance
    Will bring beauty of love,
    Every touch will bring peace,
    Over body and mind,
    And everyone will learn,
    Love is an essence, and
    Nothing is missing in its presence.

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    My previous poem can be seen at
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    Above: Posted by Asim Kumar Paul
    Leela Alvarez • And everyone will learn,
    Love is an essence, and
    Nothing is missing in its presence.

    purity of beauty in motion!

    Thank you dear for sharing this loving touch with us!
    Posted by Leela Alvarez

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    Ilana Haley • THIS LAND

    No body can destroy This Land again.
    Those who will be doomed –are doomed,
    judged forever.
    I am standing on the ramparts looking down
    to the sea-washed walls;
    complete clairvoyance wraps itself around me,
    enfolds me as a cocoon, silky, soft, yet free;
    I understand;
    I turn and run, but his arms
    Encircle me, lightly.
    I see another star between us,
    twinkling bravely in the
    brilliant, blazing sun.
    His eyes are sad but laughing,
    His smile is sweeter then sweet.
    I watch our shadows walking side by side,
    Close than closer in this life.
    He places a red rose in my hand,
    He says, this is for you.
    My heart is full – full to breaking.
    Our stars are wild this night –
    Wild this night –
    Richly warm, honey covered
    Is this night,
    in this Land, this night–

    Half a life ago.

    There is a storm tonight,
    lightening and thunder,
    A storm in our hearts and being.
    Al our stars are hidden,
    Life seems very bleak.
    Only when he returns...
    When he remembers...
    When I remember...
    Do not forget to remember,
    Is the lonely time as a second, split,
    a heartbeat, a drop of dew
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    Ilana Haley • shalom
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    Ilana Haley •

    She turned slowly toward him,
    cupping his face
    within her trembling hands,
    holding him tightly, lovingly…
    her brother, her lover,
    more– so much more, than love
    as our world circus perceives love–

    This two people had been together
    since they were children…
    they were destined…
    predestined, to meet one day
    then part and die a little–
    But still…

    Still their meeting is beyond
    time and space or power to reckon.
    They have known each other since
    they were children–

    They will always have a song together
    a song they heard one day
    standing on their balcony…
    ("To dream the impossible dream")

    the only home they will ever
    know together, a hallowed place
    in space.
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    ASIM KUMAR PAUL • Dear friend, Ilana Haley. Your poems are inspiring to write. Thanks.


    Two partners are in colors,
    They are in bubbles of blooming around,
    Making the nature beautiful,
    The message from them:
    To tell the world they are in love, wishes of love.
    They are worth to the hymn of lovely love,
    They are beautiful between
    The earth and the universe.

    She says, “We are born in bush.”
    He says, “We are spaces of the heart.”
    She says again, “One day we will be
    Dried out, even if we do want to be fine.”
    He replies, “By definition, we are
    The occupants of love, and similarly
    By definition we are born to die.”

    “Shh! Do not say these more,” she says,
    “Let the earth to appear in its full bloom.”

    This poem can be seen at
    25 minutes ago