Friday, 13 April 2012


Waiting for love, 
It is like standing on shore
With ghastly wind blowing
Through web pages, no fairy tales.

She waits to hear ringing
Of her lover's incoming calls,
Those may bring comfort
To her love, a confirmation.

She does not surf much,
She waits on her web page,
If a message comes to melt her heart,
It will be great joy, hope and gain.

She posted images on her page,
Since she comes on the internet,
And she shares them with love
Along with the sky, earth and life.

She likes to hold talks
Over phone, signaling for dating,
To greet what it is important
For love, and pairing enthralls. 

To create pleasing pace
In colorful ways like music and dance,
She wants to be faithful,
Her terms are acceptable to any culture. 

One day, she learns that 
Her man of love shows no sings
To migrate to her country,
To lift his beloved woman. 

She then thinks he has other woman.
It is her experience, and
She abandons in searching the fact,
Web pages cannot help her. 

She then favours to one man
Whom she rejected earlier for imperfections, and
He still loves her, and can arrive to her land
And takes her as his woman, saying,

"Excellent you are, I am the king now."

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