Friday, 13 April 2012


Waiting for love
As if evening is coming,
We are waiting on shore
To hear last tweets of birds.

She opts to hear
The lover’s incoming calls,
Those may bring flavor
Of her love, a confirmation.

She does not surf much,
She looks on her web page,
If there is a message on wave,
That may give her melting curves.

She exchanges more on web
Images of love – sky, earth, life,
All are wrapped with feeling,
That she shares all along.

She likes to hold talks
More with phone to share signals,
As if multi organic colors
Do move pairing levels

Of pleasing waves,
No receding colony does grow,
She is so faithful in her terms,
Open with acceptance of any culture.

One day, her love man shows no signs
To have migration to her country,
For lifting his loved woman,
She then thinks he has other woman.

She also has no time
To search out of her reaped feeling,
That she gathered in her past experience.
Surfing web cannot help her in finding reality.

She then turns to one man
Whom she rejected earlier for his poorness,
He still loves her, and comes to her land with migration,
And he is excellent in dreaming, “I will be king one day.”

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