Sunday, 8 April 2012


The letter contains pictures of flowers
Words are plain without colors,
Black and white expression brings sign
Of multitudes of singing on love,
Flowering beauty has cheered all words.

The letter contains pictures of flowers,
It contains search for water on words,
On the whole it is charm of voice,
That blooms in flowering loveliness,
The sky fills the heart with nest

That we learn from birth with decency,
It is another scene to feel the love,
The open space in heart is brought
To the feeling of insides of singing
Of love, sweetness of memories thereon.

The letter is sent when the earth sings,
The scene is full of flowering prettiness,
For protecting our love, at definite completeness,
In the core of majesty of sweet flowers,
Live with - rose, lotus, jasmine, and rajanigandha.


  1. Beauty given to each letter of each year at a time ...... flowers that fills the heart with optimism peace calm simplicity Wonderful poem for blooming Mother Earth Please lovely poet Asim what mean rajanigandha...(a kind of flower i guess)thanks

  2. Yes, Rajanigandha is a flower,

    Thanks my dear sweet poet Kapardeli Eftichia for your beautiful comments.

  3. Namaskar, Kavi Asim Kumar!

    Adbhut! Apaka bahut dhanyavad!

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, Kay, creator of THE POETRY OF KAY SALADY