Thursday, 12 April 2012


Searching out loving names
I find the wrong name of my choice, 
The error occurs, 
The heart I choose is not right receiver, 
Fails to respond in time, as if a duplicate name
Just arrives to pick my heart to play with, and
Check points around me is not active 
And all beautiful things clipped out from roots of love, 
It is my fault.

I cannot go away, hanged with hinges,
Circled by fogs, and by ghosts, 
As my choice anchored on tide
That cannot be broken without mistake
That may come from the name I choose.  
My fault is elsewhere
As I cannot collect right information,
And anyone can hide everything original
That one does hold actually in possession,
And web pages are covers for fake names.   
Life may come disgraceful things,
It is my fate, as I make the error.

I find the wave first that is stable
For every quarries and for accepting it granted, 
And after a certain time I find
My desire is concocted by willful wrong doings  
Of the mystery name, and in the beginning
It was stable, and now turns to be unstable,
Even if my appearance is duly timed.  

I find all responses from the name, slowed down.  
I still wait on the web page if any message comes,
Over the blades of grass that grow on induction,
That is the result of modern web languages,
I will come on receiving term; I do not leave my love.


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    1. Thanks to dynamicdreamz for reading my poem and your beautiful comments