Thursday, 12 April 2012


I find the error of choice,
The heart I choose as my love receiver,
Fails to respond in time, as duplication
Has arrived in my work checkpoints,
It is my fault.

I cannot depart,
Defects are elsewhere
As I cannot collect right information,
Life may come in sorrowful way,
It is my fate, as I make the error.

I find the wave first
The heart that I find to be stable
Have turns to be instable to my desires,
As the movement is poorly responsive,
Even if my appearance is timely anchored.

I find the slow down response,
I still wait on the web if any message comes,
Over the blades of grass that grow on induction,
That is the result of modern web sanctions,
I will come on receiving term; I do not leave my love.


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    1. Thanks to dynamicdreamz for reading my poem and your beautiful comments