Wednesday, 18 April 2012


For someone who takes birth,
It is not known for dad’s role.
For someone who takes first breathing,
It is not known what a father is,
Who makes the cell division?
Who makes the life at the highest dream?
Who makes the message of cell creation?
Who knows the great gain, gene function?
Who takes great role of birth?
It is the highest form of love.
The father is one who is blessing of haven, and
Mother is the greatest joining of love with protection,
Who after many folds of stresses and pain,
Gives the day forward for birth water breaking,
The very message for new creation, promises of new life.

Breathless is he, when her pain scream for giving birth
Sounds the earth, and with patience he waits for clear
Dwelling in identified cause and partnership,
And safe voyage of his love gain, a new body of life,
He is the mute performer in touching, kissing the new born.

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