Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Everyone comes from a wonder land 
Growing and touching through blue eggs,
A ferment of soft feeling with
Confirmation, generation in the gravity.
When we ask mom about cell division,
The strong sperm that spreads cell creation,
Timely perfect wings to create the nest,
Then comes one gene function in the role 
Of one balanced passage to find a spot
Upon the earth for breathing through 
The airy sailing, lonesome environment.

Who takes great role for birth?
Birth is the highest form of love.
If one asks who is the follower?
Who is the owner of the creation?
Who is fathering for the little one?
Mother can answer for the new creation,
Mother is stressing pain for protection,
Promises of new life, in the land of trees,
And gravitational pull to form the life.

Sounds of the earth, patience of the creation,
Breathing of new one, safe voyage of loving gain,
Mother is a mute performer with no annoyance,
But accreditation to honor love.

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