Saturday, 14 April 2012


Poila Baishakh comes on fourteenth April,
We are getting  ready after having bath,
We wear new garments and prepare
For going to Mandir for worship
For praying for my baby grand son, God’s blessings.

We love our new comer, our grand baby son,
Who is our heart, sweet things are happening,
His little limbs are in movement with tenderness,
He gradually moves in earthly presentation,
He is our mark of love and care, cute in natural life,
Like lightning gain of the universe.

It is a cloudy day; we go out for the baby,
With many hopes, prayers and strong feelings
And a peer to our devotion to hold him
With great love, care and gentle touch,
We are in great hope, spreading trust,
That the heaven will grant, enthralls of existence,
The cool beauty and reflections of life,
Starting with his little life and mind.

The baby is our meeting with the legislation
With which we dream and walk with hope,
That has perception with micro signaling
Centered with new life with many unites of  bonds,
And with this baby we want to start a new era
On this auspicious day of Poila Baishakh.  


  1. Very nicely written. The love for this sweet little gift from God just flows throughout this wonderful story. Be blessed!

    1. Thanks dear poet and friend Elizena for your beautiful comments. I love it.