Tuesday, 1 May 2012


“Please do not call me back;
I am busy with my work.
I am not leaving you, dear.”

“Life has many forms,
You are one, and
Please do not leave all behind.”

These are the words
Those come on his wall.
He feels strange world.

A woman, a love lady,
Speaks more before her lover,
Providing him assurance.

He writes again,
“Do not feel pressure,
Do work for self, praying before Lord Krishna.”

“Lord Krishna will grant prayer,
The great world does honor you,
Shortly after you will feel presence

Of birds, flowers, and bees,
You will call them blessings of heaven,
And you will be happy in your new world.”

Filled eyes with tears,
She just writes back a message,
“May Lord Krishna bless you; I bestow my love to you.”

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