Tuesday, 1 May 2012


You may stay far away, like a stranger,
I have been in the dream of your language,
I roam in dropped sense, fearing loss of love guest,
Life is my pain; agony brings sad things.

I gather my pieces, secrets, completeness,
As I used to cover up my liking, yet you live far away,
A dream is build over sediments, as if the sea is captive of loss,
Someone is there to fire greens on the shore, to burn, turn, and blast.

You may just say, “I can feel you how you stay.”
It is just word of expression, boring, much rusty,
And someone wrote word, waste, on door mat,
That I purchased for brushing off dust, sins and moisture.

You do not see the fire in jungle, ready to burn me,
That you have thrown upon me, flaming down my love planet,
First fire is hidden, then vigorous, mounts on my throat,
Moments after, it will turn to ashes, a poor lover in burn.

In earthly spreading, I think of you, I remember you, my love,
While going to big chain market, to buy meals onset, I dream you,
I still hold the rainbow; do not go on writing on your wall,
I like to say, “All love not yours, and hope is wealth to survive.”


  1. Beautiful.And the words you chose were just fantastic.I am speechless after reading this!

    Afixxion Addixt-I wish i never knew you

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, Alcina, for your valuable comments.

  2. You have a lyrical ambition that is evident in this poem.

    1. Thanks dear poet friend, Semaphore, The Poems of Samuel Peralta, for your valuable comments. I love it.

  3. once again a winner asim .. i can feel the passion in it and that sense of loss .. the double edged sword .. well done ..