Saturday, 19 May 2012


Sometimes she comes on my web page,
Sometimes she vanishes from web page,
As if I am sitting on a broken tree branch,
That is fallen from tree, as storm has done it,
Inappropriate I am in my loving prosody,
And she likes this to obey the life’s dream.

She once comes and puts words, “How are you?”
This makes me hot to answer, “I am not yours.”
But I cannot say it, just put, “Passing my time.”
She the puts words on my wall, “Prisoner of life.”
Golden words I think to put, “Life is translation.”
Immediately she replies, “Life size is a criterion.”

Marooned life just gets awake
I become emblazoned as if she is on the rise
And life is not rock-mass, a web variation,
I want to pull her back, on the care of loving form,
The wonder path is on the code of longing,
I put one sentence in response, “Love sensing is meditating.”

Care has given on the sleep of long bargaining,
Life is not like what we think on country’s swinging,
Exposure of pathway is sometimes becomes controls,
Love becomes one sense of functioning form,
I need not to think of the life where desire is lost,
I think of the last words, “Signaling is not activation.”

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