Thursday, 3 May 2012


I have stopped guessing,
I take the brush this morning to paint my love drawing,
Something I have to learn -
Love for meditation,
Love for forgiveness,
Love for forbearance,
Inside the canvas broadness,
I put red color for independent existence,
Life is full of pain and persistence.

Inside the window zone,
I put yellow, green, crimson colors
As the sun is deeper in transition
That plays for recognizing and marking
Regulatory forms and contents in our brain,
Love for excitement,
Love for characters,
Love for insights and creation,
Life is full of breathing, sensing, and feeling.

Bright I put colors in symmetry, delicately,
Over life and character of systematic terms,
An excitement announced in workflow:
Man-1: He finds leadership in colors,
Man-2: He finds a system of color shows,
Man-3: He finds an attraction for audience,
Man-4: He finds fun in his real business,
Man-5: He finds a negative projection in accuracy,
Woman-1: She finds a hand bound creation in colors,
Woman-2: She finds a super cool baby in colors
Woman-3: She finds an earth sharing object fairly present in colors
Woman-4: She finds a valiant horse running with valor in colors
Woman-5: She finds a colorful tune for hangouts with love.

I read all comments therein
Movement is there in every turning,
Again and again all follow with reasons,
We are all trying to accomplish our creation and praise.


  1. Inside the window zone
    I read this poem again
    as a treat for Monday morning
    I think of my super cool baby
    my leadership, my system, my attraction
    our projections, our transitions
    and my gratitude bubbles up for this poet
    as I give it to the Earth, face down, child pose
    --Woman-9 (I want to hear from #'s 6, 7 & 8)

    1. Dear Caterina, I am moved with your poem. I love the poem.