Thursday, 21 July 2016


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Short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery

I want to be happy,
After a long simmering wave in the day,
A stress put into body and mind,
I want to be proud and
Happy, clearing stench air,
Leaving surges of invisible necessities,
Paving into a dreaming silver lake, with
Eyes dipped into loving galaxy,  
Like fairy lady looking at morning lights,
In blue joy, with white swans.

O fairy lady, come with coolness,
And take me to the world, where
Riddle of worldly affair disappears,
Far away from this warring zone,
I want to live, with caring aroma, at
A fantastic land where cool lake and
Fairy garden form rhythm in swimming,
Not forming a suffocating nebula,
But to move like a brave swan around a
Dreaming lady playing with loving blossoms,

And I can be free with a vision for a long time
More than what I am enjoying
When I was in an earthly dream,

This journey will raise a name of love.


  1. writing in the swan lady's perspective is cool.
    honesty, courage, and imagination work well here.

    many thanks

  2. love leads to satisfaction,
    awesome thoughts.

  3. You've soared through your imagination to find peace and love.

    This truly lies within.