Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Every attempt in life has been destroyed by faulty decision,
Plans denied by nearest and dearest ones, as if all my attempts
Are not fit to the whims of their mindwear, those need to
Pass through their mentor section that also vagabonds do
Things of semi-notorious means of waving hands of acting
In more cramping and wired way to life performance they
Do act as their best way of thinking and impacting like
Fireflies splintering short life dancing around that fire,
Burning alongside, even though they has passed through
University education, yet they are galvanized to thinking  
Imperfect monitoring, making cracks in my whole plan,
And lastly I have to abandon it on ground that I am the fool.  

Indefinite way of other meaning of spending time with
Failed attempts like enzyme of rotten mangoes, acting
With abandoned technique, once, more than once
They travel like dignified creatures upon the earth,
Those are wonders and winners of their act, without
Having training from renowned thinkers, and denying them
Instead, taking no measure to refresh their knowledge
They travel with elated attitude upholding all acts
They perform as their victory over old fools who are
Nothing but breathless setting of confusion and illusion,
They very easily drop out old values like spilled water
That was once their life line, and they forget it deliberately.

Every night is nightmare to me; I have to swim over this ridiculous pond,
With the hope that green is there, bird is there, home is there.

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