Friday, 24 July 2015


It is my dream stone,
This image makes me think of sun-rays, focus of those
Rays makes me of thinking of symbol of dynasty
Of past regime of creation, alongside meaning of life
In green foliage, it stands there for thousand years
Pertaining to many evolution of mankind and its dynasty,
It stands straight on my way and I cannot remove it.
I see it stronger than my effort to carry with dreams,
It does not need to be moved as it is not for sale,
Yet human being makes ponderous efforts to buy and sell
Its magnanimity, with price system, for use of ore it holds.

I have not seen its tears, in my life time,
But tears are there, I feel it, and cannot soothe its grief,
I go home, work for mine, quench thirst for me, yet
I do not see its emotion any time, so powerful it is to exist.
On my way, I talk to it, but it does not need to talk or write,
As we are all in its vicinity, we think of it, but do not give
Relax to it, and we read our future here in perfect stony will.

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