Friday, 9 May 2014


Cover page of my 4th self-published poetry book

After returning from hospital
She once said
“I cannot approach for death,
I have just to return to my life.”

Then she goes for taking rest
She goes with start to cry
That she has lost such vigor
All her recognition violated.

All her thirty two years of marriage
All her generation thinking
All her work for home and husband
Lying on cinder of unwanted invaders.

“I do not want to flee,
And tell all invaders that
Sanctity of my bedroom not to be violated
System of my kitchen room not to be rubbished.”

All her wishes are dismissed
In the firmament of generation wilderness
Liking of elderly generation’s work still moribund
Yet she lives with pains.

Poet Kapardeli Eftichia has translated the poem POETRY ALBUM BRACING THE SPINE in Greek 


  1. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!the elderly are like expensive furniture that bring us memories and favorite moments
    Diamonds are the unique feel of each house comes only after life goes by and the Major lost friends and this hurts
    But nostalgia their lives and all the sorrow fills the hearts VERY BEAUTIFUL POEM MY DEAREST POET ASIM

  2. Oι ηλικιωμένοι εινα σαν τα πανακριβα επιπλα που μας φέρνουν αναμνησεις και αγαπημενες στιγμές
    Ειναι τα μοναδικα διαμάντια καθε σπιτιου ομως αισθανονται μονοι αφου η ζωή περνα και οι φιλοι οι γνωστοι χάνονται και αυτο τους πονά
    Ομως νοσταλγουν την ζωη τους και παντα η θλιψη γεμιζει την καρδια τους ΠΟΛΥ ΟΜΟΡΦΟ ΠΟΙΗΜΑ