Sunday, 14 September 2014


Let me live alone
I do not take your ordinance
I am very alone
I do feel to live separate from my wife
She is living elsewhere away from here.
I am living now in a mess.

I choose one bed in a dormitory,
I choose to live alone
I do not want to see comfort of my bed ,
Doors, windows, concrete ceiling,
Of my home, it is now like a past,
I am away from home to check more deterioration of my situation,.

I said once,  my home is yours
Home is for my children, I built it for them,
Yet they believe I am snatching those shelters.
This idea is fully false, I believe them and try to explain them. 
Nobody listens to my good words, I still love them all.
And they show arrogance towards me.

I do not tolerate dominance,
I do still take care of self,
You cannot put vehemence,
I will live at distance instead,
Beyond surveillance of your whims,

My bed is single and I am always single. 


  1. As you still love them,
    They'll understand your enormous love soon.
    May LOVE enlighten their hearts