Saturday, 23 June 2012


She is young and pretty,
She wants to choose a friend
And her love-choice can live in her dreams,
She loves to choose her partner.

She has charms to share with him,
She is not jealous, if someone steals her choice,
She thinks her love cannot be parted away,
She likes to swim into silence among stars.

She thinks strange things come
And these are the source of love,
Attention and participation are part of love,
She wants to live in her desires.

One day she just makes a choice
To someone who comes to her in web page pictures,
And photos are of a strong man
That she wants for own womanhood.

When she considers making him partner,
She finds something strange in his wording,
And she feels she is her second guessing,
She is not his best choice, she hates leisure choice.

She feels romance is creative in first choice
If presence of her lover is close to her touch,
And two persons remain together to feel love,
Distant feeling is a joking, her love not fondly cared.

She then tries to fill her web search
With her wide arm’s presence of sharing,
And she can invest her taste with words,
“Please give me your hands to touch.”

She likes the episode of serving him best
When he holds her by her belly in his arm,
She feels his sweet fingers moving sportingly,
And she can whisper, “Please give me more hope.” 

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