Saturday, 30 June 2012


Sometimes she appears in web page,
And puts messages those are full of loneliness,
Words spark as pearls, reflecting them as sentiments,
Those are natural for one who lives in solitude.

She says she feels, none to take her for fun,
Her children are growing up first to create own circles,
She wants to dress up and go out with one man’s choice,
Loving is best thing when caring and raising children are complete.

She feels she has no camera for his living,
And all syllables are blank on open page affection,
She wants friendship, in web page or in real page of existence,
Her private desires are not met, she binds nothing.

She likes to wink, but something is not with her,
The crowd is not her liking, but singing mind does dominate her will,
Life goes with a symbol that she wants to build,
Yet none is there on the shore of her love.

She clicks on web page, and chooses some pictured messages,
Life is in waiting as she feels in her age of mid thirties,
That part is something for her to deal with fantasy or with reality,
Putting some thoughts over her deepening sentiments, loving arguments.

She knows there are many more lonely persons,
And she is one of them to take breath, allowing someone as dream partner,
She wants to keep her alive in the wave that has power,
And she will search for love that may bring her a position drawn as millionth bliss.

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