Saturday, 23 June 2012


She comes in my dreams,
She moves in my eyes, as she comes in web page,
As if she is dancing with honey spins,
Gleamed in love, first seedling in love-vine. 

I do not want to miss her,
I want to inhabit in her wishes,
Her body is like a feather weight wonders,
I like to have her fortune open before my vision.

I love her,
She blushes in her sweet smiling,
Wide range of spectrum of colors opens her,
She is my lover; she is close to my heart.

She sometimes puts messages in web page,
I like those words that suit my desires,
I feel chances are there to hold her tight,
Dream is not it as life is inward sense,

And I feel it in my skins, and dwell in knowledge,
That inwardly controls love to love her,
She is charming when she posts photos in web page,
I love her; I care her as she is my inner controller. 

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