Tuesday, 26 June 2012


She woke up in the night and placed some lazy thoughts on bed,
He kept thinking on her arrival, and she desired to arrive in time,
It was a dream that she took as real when she woke up, and
She did not bind him in promises; she felt how tenderly he received her.

She remained mute and cannot say, “O honey, you are mine.”
He did not go away, but remained to take up all her desires as own,
She was close to him, and wanted to spend time in openness,
He was his partner, whom she wanted to know as her unconditional choice.

He saved her from the grim portrait of love and liked her as lover,
She felt new breathing in his arm-binding, the sentence she liked to utter,
She failed to say anything to him, though she knew he might believe her.
She combed his hair, and left the place with a kiss to him, loving dream is flower.

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