Saturday, 18 October 2014


While moving in a train, it comes to my view,
The front of hills, the front of greens,
The front of clouds, the sky is ready to take
Everyone in its review, the day is bright, playing
Hide and seek with sunlight, shadowy and sunny,
Visible with clarity, greeting cheers, forming
Day time dance, almost singing, birds flying,
Essence of freedom is full of sense and tense.

The day is full of caesura, lines of a verse
Window of the train becomes passage of the earth,
As if it is classic awakening, pretty wellness, arising
From the dark, we are responding with singing,
Cadence with time and travel, wondering scene,
Sprouting of joy and introduction of rain, forming
Fortune of pupil’s vigor, we are experiencing it.

This nature’s royal attire reinvented, priceless. 

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